Tovo Gomma Spa is specialized in the production of silicone polymer-based compounds, intended for subsequent processing. These compounds are produced on ad hoc mixing plants and processed with the possible addition of additives and mineral fillers.

The product is made in various physical forms, depending on the needs communicated by the customer. Tovo Gomma has technologically advanced production facilities, able of allowing the production of silicone compounds with excellent quality standards, suitable for many areas: from the automotive to the energy sector, from the petrochemical to the food industry.

The strength of Tovo Gomma is the skill to develop customized products suited to the specific demands of each customer. The company has a laboratory dedicated to silicone tests and specialized technicians able to investigate the development possibilities in this Business Unit.

In the new silicone compound department, heating and air conditioning are provided by an innovative heat pump system with very high COP, which exploits the fluid dynamic properties of the air in contact with the surfaces to reduce consumption.