PROCESSES Technological innovation. Optimum performance
Tovo Gomma Spa owns state of the art machinery which, combined with the expert know-how of the technical staff, allows the company to meet the manufacturing requirements of its clients from a wide range of sectors, from the automotive to foodstuff sector, from the petroleum to building sector.

Machinery for compound manufacturing The compound manufacturing systems, which are completely PLC controlled, are equipped with automatic dosing for Carbon Black, clear fillers and plasticisers. The other chemicals are separately dosed by a system specifically designed for automatic dosing. All the ingredients composing the compounds, including the polymers, are managed with a barcode to guarantee their identification and tracking.

Machinery for vulcanised sheet manufacturing Tovo Gomma avails of state of the art, technological know-how for rubber sheet manufacturing. The roller head calendering system is equipped with an automatic measuring device to obtain variable thicknesses from 0.3 to 10 mm and to guarantee their very limited tolerances.

Machinery for foam manufacturing